This is Larry during Yellowstone…

Every night for about an hour Larry goes through this spell of saying whatever comes to his mind. This is less than half his repertoire.    

Coding styles should be taken serious

One thing I always appreciated was "beautiful" code. The product may not be great but, wow, that code is beautiful! I will admit, if it wasn't for the way editors are set up these days I would probably not write beautiful code, it would be legible and easy to follow because I do have my... Continue Reading →

A deep neural network making predictions on live camera input

The openFrameworks work I have been looking at is truely impressive. There are all kinds of possibilities this technology can be used for. This is impressive. A deep neural network making predictions on live camera input, trying to make sense of what it sees, in context of what it’s seen before. It can see only... Continue Reading →

This years beach vacation project: @openframeworks

I have been going to Vero Beach for the week of my birthday twice now and each time I pick a "project". Whether its learning something new, a couple of book goals, or just coding. This years winner is openFrameworks! As many of you know, one major area I run at IBM is a demonstration... Continue Reading →

OSGI Event Admin to Property Broker bridge

A really old post from my other blog I am reposting here since I moved the videos to my YouTube channel. I figured since Mikkel had written about Event Admin I would share this tutorial and solicit feedback and general interest level. I had prototyped a bridge between Event Admin and Property Broker last year.... Continue Reading →

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