Saturdays with Larry: His new camera!

Larry my African Grey parrot gets a new camera and says a lot of his favorite phrases.

Refreshing Facebook cache for modified blog posts

You just finished your awesome article on your blog and you publish it to your Facebook page that has thousands of followers, but there is one problem, you have a spelling mistake in the title. And this is where our story begins... Your article is now on your Facebook page with a spelling mistake. This... Continue Reading →

The top 10 most in-demand programming languages

TopTal, a talent connection web site where companies can look for talent and freelancers can apply to the pool of resources.  The site connects people looking for technical talent with some of the top freelancers in the market. According to Toptal’s internal data, the most in-demand programming languages by its clients are: Angular 2 (+441.5%... Continue Reading →

Dream come true with WebSphere Commerce version 9 for Developers

In case you missed it, WebSphere Commerce Version 9 was announced at NRF and it is filled with some goodies for the IT and developer. The technology stack is very impressive and IBM can finally say the entire WebSphere Commerce product is entirely based on standards and micro-services. Docker is a huge game changer for... Continue Reading →

What should your salary be?

Well you can find out what you should be making using the stackoverflow annual salary calculator. Click here to see what your salary could be. I used upstate NY as the location with 20 years experience in Java, C++, NodeJs, and C as my technologies with a Masters degree:

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