Refreshing Facebook cache for modified blog posts

You just finished your awesome article on your blog and you publish it to your Facebook page that has thousands of followers, but there is one problem, you have a spelling mistake in the title. And this is where our story begins…

Your article is now on your Facebook page with a spelling mistake. This can be embarrassing to say the least, the problem is, even if you delete the post and attempt to repost the article it keeps the old title with the misspelling.  What? But we updated the article!  Why isn’t it updating the social thumbnail title with the new title?

The problem is Facebook is extremely optimized and they cache your meta data information so if your post is reshared by others they don’t have to go back to your site. But don’t worry, there is a back door…. the Facebook Debug site.

Once your post is fixed you can put the URL into the field on this page and click “Debug”

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 10.33.02 PM.png

Once the page loads you will see all kinds of data and maybe even a few warnings. What you really want is the “Scrape Again” button. Pressing this button will invalidate the Facebook cache and force it to go back to your site and pull the information.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 10.33.46 PM

Now when you paste your URL into a Facebook post or share on Facebook it will have the updated title with the proper misspelling!

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