The top 10 most in-demand programming languages

TopTal, a talent connection web site where companies can look for talent and freelancers can apply to the pool of resources.  The site connects people looking for technical talent with some of the top freelancers in the market.

According to Toptal’s internal data, the most in-demand programming languages by its clients are:

  1. Angular 2 (+441.5% year over year (YOY)
  2. React Native (+353.7% YOY)
  3. Docker (+140.7% YOY)
  4. Redux (120.6% YOY)
  5. React.js (+97.4 YOY)
  6. Firebase (+96.4 YOY)
  7. Shopify (+93.0 YOY)
  8. WooCommerce (69.0% YOY)
  9. Azure (+53.0% YOY)
  10. Laravel (+45.0 YOY)

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