Docker with Eclipse Che – this is awesome!

Haven't heard of Eclipse Che? Then you need to check it out.¬†Eclipse Che is a developer workspace server and cloud IDE built for teams and workgroups. Che has changed the way the workspace is architected.¬†Each workspace is isolated from one another and is responsible for managing the lifecycle of the components that are contained within... Continue Reading →

New Casual Larry play list on YouTube

Larry seems to be more popular than the actually code videos here so I figured I would let you in a little deeper into life with an African Grey parrot. Larry pretty much does what he wants and I am often finding him in all kinds of places throughout the house - especially when he... Continue Reading →

Larry left work early today…

Most people know Larry sits in my office with me all day long. I saw him climbing down from his perch and walking around the base chewing up the paper towels and then it went silent... Apparently he climbed down and decided to walk back to his cage in the hall.

Creating a Web Service in NodeRED on the IBM Cloud in under 5 minutes

In this video I show how you can get a NodeRED application installed and running in less than five minutes on the IBM Cloud. Using their NodeRED boilerplate, I quickly create and deploy a NodeRED application and show how easy it is to create a simple REST service from scratch.

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