Docker with Eclipse Che – this is awesome!

Haven’t heard of Eclipse Che? Then you need to check it out. Eclipse Che is a developer workspace server and cloud IDE built for teams and workgroups. Che has changed the way the workspace is architected. Each workspace is isolated from one another and is responsible for managing the lifecycle of the components that are contained within it.

Che has three types of users:

  • Developers. Che can be installed and used as a local IDE for any kind of programming language or framework, such as Java and JavaScript.
  • Product Owners. Che provides APIs hosted within its workspace server to manage environments, workspaces, projects, templates, stacks, and intellisense for developer activities such as editing, syntax analysis, compiling, packaging, and debugging.
  • Plug-in Providers. Che provides a SDK to create and package plug-ins that modify the browser IDE, workspaces, or the Che server.

More to come on this…

Make sure you follow them on Twitter to get the latest updates: @eclipse_che



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