Developerworks TV Channel and its cool shows

I am kind of a fitness freak and half of my gym visits are on the treadmill or the elliptical. While my gym has TV's on all work out machines the content on the televisions is not the greatest so I have started watching YouTube shows while sweating it out. One channel you techy developers... Continue Reading →

Tutorial: Getting started with IBM Cloud

Want to learn how to develop on the IBM Cloud? If so, you should check out this four part tutorial Doug Tidwell put together on DeveloperWorks. Part 1: Start developing and deploying apps on IBM's cloud platform Part 2: Build an advanced Cloud Foundry app on the IBM Cloud platform Part 3: Doug Tidwell demos... Continue Reading →

StackOverflow’s 2018 Developer Survey Results are in!

I always like to see what the participants are compared to previous years and see how the market is changing. This is usually a fairly good indicator of the market and demand. Let's start of with the number of participants. Last year, this is a quote from the 2017 Survey, "This year represents the largest... Continue Reading →

New Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion 5 Category!

I have been doing a lot in Final Cut Pro and Motion 5 recently so I figured I would make a new blog category to share my experiences and the resources I use on the internet. Let's start by promoting a really good Motion 5 user¬†Simon Ubsdell from Tokyo Productions. I recently came across Simon's... Continue Reading →

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