OSGI Event Admin to Property Broker bridge

A really old post from my other blog I am reposting here since I moved the videos to my YouTube channel.

I figured since Mikkel had written about Event Admin I would share this tutorial and solicit feedback and general interest level.

I had prototyped a bridge between Event Admin and Property Broker last year. I created these two videos that explain the two technologies and then shows a demo of the bridge working. Here is a high level architectural diagram of how the pieces connect in the run time.

The first video is a technical introduction of Event Admin and Property broker and explains how I connected the two and how the bridge was created.

The second video shows the component being assembled in a composite application and shows how it communicates in the run time. The component has a test area on the UI where you can publish any Event Admin topic and watch the components react.

So I would like to hear if something like this would be in high demand. More and more Eclipse based products are coming into play and component development is a pretty hot topic. This is a mechanism to have your component work in pure Eclipse and in the Lotus platforms with little or no change to the original source.

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