A really good lessons learned article for Apple’s Turi Create for CoreML

If you are just starting to learn how to use CoreML with the new Apple iOS API's then I would recommend reading this excellent blog post first - read this. Ryan Jones does a great job going through his thought process of how he was teaching his custom CoreML model with Turi Create. I went... Continue Reading →

Teaching Watson Baseball Cards in under 5 minutes

Ok, maybe the title is misleading but the video is right about 5 minutes and the actual process is well under 10 minutes so don't feel deceived. Using Watson Studio and the Watson Visual Recognition Service I show how easy it is to teach Watson by simply uploading pictures of baseball cards and putting class... Continue Reading →

Creating a Web Service in NodeRED on the IBM Cloud in under 5 minutes

In this video I show how you can get a NodeRED application installed and running in less than five minutes on the IBM Cloud. Using their NodeRED boilerplate, I quickly create and deploy a NodeRED application and show how easy it is to create a simple REST service from scratch. https://youtu.be/xblRoJwEH04

Creating a simple state CRUD REST Service using NodeRed on Bluemix

This is my first article and video in my BlueMix series. BlueMix is an amazing platform where you can get a highly scalable solution up and running very quickly. Because there is so much to BlueMix, I figure I would start off with something simple but useful. A state storage and retrieval service. A simple REST... Continue Reading →

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