Simulate a mouse click using Dojo with Larry

The next video in the Dojo series where I go through animating a mouse click with Dojo. The key functions used are the Dojo query and fx.animateProperty functions. Larry was pretty talkative in this one, he even answered me a couple of times. Click here for the JSFiddle

Simulate moving a cursor in Dojo with Larry

Larry is definitely settling in on the perch with the green screen. I always have snacks in his bowls and he hasn't touched them much. I guess he decided to sit by and snack while we record. Continuing on from the previous video here we implement a moveto function in our simulator. ┬áThere is one... Continue Reading →

Simulate typing text using Dojo with Larry

This was a pretty funny video, Larry is definitely becoming more comfortable in front of the camera. He says a lot of new phrases and a couple of swears in this one. So this is the first part in a three part series where I essentially do the same thing I did in the jQuery... Continue Reading →

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