How Quantum computers work

Simple and easy to follow explanation for how a quantum computer works.

30 Years of Object Oriented Programming

I read an interesting article over on Medium that is getting a lot of views and even more comments. The article is "Goodbye, Object Oriented Programming". It goes through and attempts to debunk the many aspects of "object oriented programming", from inheritance to polymorphism, the author hits them all. There is only one problem, every... Continue Reading →

Developerworks TV Channel and its cool shows

I am kind of a fitness freak and half of my gym visits are on the treadmill or the elliptical. While my gym has TV's on all work out machines the content on the televisions is not the greatest so I have started watching YouTube shows while sweating it out. One channel you techy developers... Continue Reading →

StackOverflow’s 2018 Developer Survey Results are in!

I always like to see what the participants are compared to previous years and see how the market is changing. This is usually a fairly good indicator of the market and demand. Let's start of with the number of participants. Last year, this is a quote from the 2017 Survey, "This year represents the largest... Continue Reading →

The top 10 most in-demand programming languages

TopTal, a talent connection web site where companies can look for talent and freelancers can apply to the pool of resources.  The site connects people looking for technical talent with some of the top freelancers in the market. According to Toptal’s internal data, the most in-demand programming languages by its clients are: Angular 2 (+441.5%... Continue Reading →

What should your salary be?

Well you can find out what you should be making using the stackoverflow annual salary calculator. Click here to see what your salary could be. I used upstate NY as the location with 20 years experience in Java, C++, NodeJs, and C as my technologies with a Masters degree:

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