The new for loop in jQuery 3

Love the fact that the for loops are now iterations in jQuery. The old way of doing loops like this: var $elements = $(".myclass"); for (var x=0; x< $elements.length; x++){        $elements[x].toggleClass("shadow); } Can now look like this in jQuery 3: var $elements = $(".myclass"); for (var element of $elements){      ... Continue Reading →

Simulate a Press with jQuery Animate using JSFiddle

In this video I demonstrate how you can simulate a cursor press using jQueries animate API in JSFiddle. By cube mate Larry made some announcements in this video and since he often speaks I decided to include him in some of them and translate what he is saying. He for some reason just keeps saying... Continue Reading →

Animating a Cursor with jQuery and JSON

A followup to the last video, I take the same concepts as before but now I generalize the steps into a JSON array. The JSFiddle code then executes those actions in the array. In the code I show how to use a recursive function with the window.setTimeout call and ending the animation once the entire array... Continue Reading →

Animating a Cursor with jQuery

This video is about using jQuery and the animate API to move a graphic (cursor) from one location to a DIV, then simulating a click event on that DIV. This allows you to instrument tutorials within your web applications. Stay tuned for more on that! You can see the JSFiddle code below: Click here... Continue Reading →

Toggling Classes in jQuery

This video is about toggling classes using jQuery. Here I show how you can make a collapsable DIV by simply toggling a class using the jQuery API. You can see the JSFiddle code below: //,html,css,result/dark/

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