Coding styles should be taken serious

One thing I always appreciated was "beautiful" code. The product may not be great but, wow, that code is beautiful! I will admit, if it wasn't for the way editors are set up these days I would probably not write beautiful code, it would be legible and easy to follow because I do have my... Continue Reading →

A deep neural network making predictions on live camera input

The openFrameworks work I have been looking at is truely impressive. There are all kinds of possibilities this technology can be used for. This is impressive. A deep neural network making predictions on live camera input, trying to make sense of what it sees, in context of what it’s seen before. It can see only... Continue Reading →

This years beach vacation project: @openframeworks

I have been going to Vero Beach for the week of my birthday twice now and each time I pick a "project". Whether its learning something new, a couple of book goals, or just coding. This years winner is openFrameworks! As many of you know, one major area I run at IBM is a demonstration... Continue Reading →

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